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Congratulations to Mrs.E. Roumeli for successfully defending her PhD Thesis!

Category: news Published on Friday, 23 May 2014

Congratulations to Mrs. Eleftheria Roumeli for successfully defending her PhD Thesis on 24/04/2014!

Thesis Title: Structure and properties of crosslinked high density polyethylene nanocomposite materials



The aim of this work was to enhance the properties of an industrial polymer, cross-linked high density polyethylene, with the incorporation of nanomaterials. The selected reinforcing nanomaterials were multiwall carbon nanotubes, nanodiamonds and combinations them. As the primary use of that particular polymer is for pipes for geothermal applications, we mainly focused on the enhancement of the mechanical properties and thermal conductivity. By using various physicochemical characterization techniques and subsequent analysis of the experimental data, the following conclusions were drawn: the addition of multiwall carbon nanotubes and nanodiamonds leads to significant enhancement of crosslinked high density polyethylene's mechanical properties (elastic modulus, yield and ultimate strength, toughness) which is achieved in different ways and presents different trends. The significant thermal conductivity enhancement is also achieved in different ways for the different types of nanoparticles. The incorporation of both types nanofillers in that particular polymer results in a less significant enhancement of both the mechanical properties and thermal conductivity. In the present thesis, several internal microstructure-property models have been developed which successfully explain the observed macroscopic properties of these materials.