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High Tech Materials

Category: Research Interests Published on Thursday, 06 March 2014

Our work on high-tech materials optical and thermal characterization includes:

  • Synthesis of inorganic compounds for selected applications
  • Phase characterization
  • Thermal transport
  • Thermal properties

Some applications of the investigated materials are the following:

  • Narrow band gap semiconductors
  • Materials for sensors (functional materials for sensors)
  • Materials suitable for X- and gamma-ray detectors
  • Smart Glasses
  • Diamond Like Carbon films (DLC)
  • Silicides
  • Phase change materials suitable for Optical data storage etc.
  • Solid State Batteries
  • Thermofotovoltaics

List of funded research projects in that topic

  1. EPET II (Project 97ΕΚΒΑΝ2 #30#) - “New Generation Sensors and Devices Radiation for digital real-time imaging. Applications in Airport Security.”(1998 - 2001).
  2. European commission funded project - “Pilot study of the poisoning in deactivated catalytic converters” (2001).
  3. European commission funded project -“Study and Characterization of textile fibres by FTIR spectroscopy” (2002)
  4. European Territorial Cooperation Programme "Greece-Serbia" - “Investigation of Functional Materials for Production of Air Gas and Humidity Sensors ” (2004-07)
  5. Nationally funded research project - "Photosensitive amorphous materials with applications in switching elements (Raman enhancers) and storage (memory optical recording) information" (2005-08)
  6. "Optimized Thermoelectric Materials and Technology" (2005- 2007)
  7. International Cooperation Programme "Greece-USA" - "Application of Advanced Materials Thermoelectric Technology in the Recovery of Wasted Heat from automobile exhaust systems." (2006-08)
  8. European Territorial Cooperation Programme "Greece-Chech Republic" - "Optimization of materials for use in thermoelectric applications: Study of the post-growth modifications introduced by intercalation" (1999-2000)
  9. European Commission Research Training Networks - "ThermoPhotoVoltaic cell based on GaSb" (2001-2005),
  10. European Territorial Cooperation Programme "Greece-Poland" - "Study of Particle Irradiation-Induced Defects in SiC Rectifying Contacts" (2004-2006)
  11. European Territorial Cooperation Programme "Greece-Hungary" "Growth and Characterization of Semiconducting Silicide β-FeSi2 Nanocrystals on Silicon" (2004-2006).