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Category: Research Interests Published on Wednesday, 05 March 2014

We are currently working in biomaterials synthesis and characterization main focusing on

  • Synthesis and characterization of bioactive glass-ceramics. 
  • Preparation of composite materials with bioactive properties (scaffolding-ceramic)
  • Polymers and especially biodegradable polymers
  • Study bioactivity (bioactivity) in vitro
  • Interaction of materials and cells


Biomaterials Rersearch

Bioactive materials develop a strong bond with living tissues through a carbonate-containing hydroxyl-apatite layer, similar to that of bone. 
Bioactive materials such as glasses and glass-ceramics have been successfully used in the restoration of osseous defects and in the promotion of a “new attachment” of soft tissues on tooth surfaces
The aim of our study is the in vitro investigation of the surface structure changes - after exposure in a simulated body fluid (SBF) - of dental ceramics used in metal-ceramic restorations, coated with: 
I) a bioactive glass 
II) a mixture of bioactive glass and conventional dental ceramic (1:1)

FTIR is used mainly for the identification of the presence of biological apatite on the surface of the specimens.

List of our funded research projects

  1. PENED Project 99#544#- "Bioactive materials: fixed prosthetic dental restoration applications" (1999-2001)  
  2. European Territorial Cooperation Programme "Greece-Roumania" - “The biological response and Interactions of Fibroblast Cell Lines to Dental Ceramics Modified by Bioactive Glass” (2003-05) 
  3. PENED Project - "Development of Dental Bioactive Ceramics conjugated Biopolymers Scaffolds for Tissue Regeneration" (2005-08)